MOHOM is the home hotel spirit.

Dusting off the hotel industry with MOHOM: the art of living with a new approach to French hospitality in a totally designer and contemporary atmosphere.

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Much more than just rooms, each MOHOM is conceived to be lived in and to be inspiring.

Each MOHOM is a living space where raw materials and elements of design mingle to create an ensemble of supreme comfort and authenticity, with a flair for the modern. Whether one night or one year, you are at home when you are at MOHOM

Unique design & French desgin

Because each trip is different, MOHOM offers unique living spaces respecting the soul of the place in which they are located. These "french style" apartments are made for comfort with fine materials and technology, thus creating a luxurious ensemble for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Best place in the city

MOHOM is inspired by the streets and places surrounding them. Due to our exclusive locations implanted in the bubbling heart of city centers, you can lose yourself walking those streets which soon will become familiar.


MOHOM is also the story of responsible homeowners who are passionate about design, travel, and our home country. Keen to not contribute to the rising costs of real estate and soaring rents, we set up your MOHOM in spaces that were not originally intended for housing. So, we do not cause the elimination of housing in the cities where we are. Additionally, so that we are able to be completely in control of the design and quality of our offerings, we have chosen to be the owners of our entire collection.

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A modern approach to service

During your stay, we are readily available to you by simply sending us a text/sms using our "Live Concierge" service. Upon your arrival, take advantage of the "Self Check-in" for reception at whatever time you prefer. Before occupying your MOHOM, or after your departure, a free 24-hour luggage storage is available at each address. Resolutely high-tech, MOHOM offers its travellers free Wi-Fi, parking when possible and unlimited access to My Canal, Netflix and Apple Music.

Founder's story

MOHOM tells the story of our travels. We are Marion and Nicolas. Backpacking foodies on the weekend, or travelling for work. Waiting in the rain for the owner of the apartment, asking the bar on the corner to store our luggage during the time before our flight or worse, finding bad surprises under the bed or in the refigerator. These are the aggravations that we have known well... all too well! To the point of having given up on staying in apartments during our travels. This, however, allowed us to be able to live like locals in authentic places.

Lacking in reliability and services, we returned to hotels.
24 hour reception
Professional cleaning
A contact person available if needed.
Luggage storage

These experiences caused us to reflect on what the ideal offer to travellers might look like. Travellers who are thirsty for premium hotel services while enjoying a total immersion in a new city. This is how MOHOM, our vision of the HOME HOTEL, was born in 2014.

High-end designer apartments, exclusively meant for travellers. Easy access, guaranteeing both autonomy and a concierge reachable 24/7.

MOHOM brings together the services of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a perfectly equipped designer apartment so that you can feel at home... elsewhere.

Bon voyage with MOHOM!

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